Pournami 2022 Date & Time in Tamil Calendar

Looking for list of pournami dates in 2022? Pournami is the full moon day and its consider as the auspicious day.Everyone will be looking for Pournami dates to worship god and performing Poojas. Dailycalendartamil.com listed out all the Pournami 2022 dates and time for your reference. Check it out

Pournami 2022 Dates List

DateDayStart TimeEnd Time
January 17, 2022MondayJan 17, 4:13 AMJan 18, 5:56 AM
February 16, 2022WednesdayFeb 15, 10:39 PMFeb 16, 11:28 PM
March 17, 2022ThursdayMar 17, 2:10 PMMar 18, 1:48 PM
April 16, 2022SaturdayApr 16, 2:33 AMApr 17, 1:16 AM
May 15, 2022SundayMay 15, 12:15 PMMay 16, 10:20 AM
June 14, 2022TuesdayJun 13, 8:17 PMJun 14, 5:53 PM
July 13, 2022WednesdayJul 13, 3:20 AMJul 14, 12:47 AM
August 11, 2022ThursdayAug 11, 10:22 AMAug 12, 8:02 AM
September 10, 2022SaturdaySep 09, 6:23 PMSep 10, 4:35 PM
October 09, 2022SundayOct 09, 4:09 AMOct 10, 3:11 AM
November 08, 2022TuesdayNov 07, 4:54 PMNov 08, 4:59 PM
December 07 2022WednesdayDec 07, 8:35 AMDec 08, 9:33 AM

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Auspicious Days in 2022

Amavasai 2022 Pournami 2022 Karthigai 2022 Pradosham 2022 Sashti Viradham 2022 Chathurthi 2022 Sankatahara Chathurthi 2022 Ekadhasi 2022

Warm welcome from www.dailycalendartamil.com. If you are looking for pournami 2022 date and time, then you landed in a right place. This website is completely dedicated to tamil people. You can find complete information about the pournami date and time as per tamil daily calendar 2022.

What is Pournami or Purnima?

Pournami is the full moon day and its consider as the auspicious day. In South India full moon day is called as Pournmai where is in North India full moon day is called as Purnima. However, in South India fasting on the pournami day is called as Pournami Vratam.

What is Amavasai?

The lunar phase of no moon in Sanskrit is called Amavasai. The dark moon tithi is when the moon is at 12 degrees angular angulation between sun and moon conjugation. That is why the moon is invisible on this day at night. It is believed that black magic, evil spirits or spirits are more powerful than positive power. Consequently there are many reports of death in unacceptable manner that have occurred and recorded as complaints in many regions. So, people who are weaker get affected more commonly than strong people. 

Pournami Dates in This Month

Tamil daily calendar is the one which is referred by most of the tamil people in the world. Daily calendar tamil contains lots of information. We can say people use to see today tamil daily calendar on daily basis. It is the most essential part tamil people culture who have originated in the tamil land. Pournami in April 2022 called as Chitra pournami, Pournami in July 2022 called as Guru pournami. Pournami in August 2022 called ads Rakhi Pournami or jandhyala pournami, pournami in June 2022 called as erukava pournami, Aadi month pournmai is the special pournami out of all. All months pournami dates are available here.


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