Thai Amavasai 2024 Date, Time and Significance

Discover the magic of Thai Amavasai in the vibrant Tamil calendar! This sacred New Moon day, nestled in the month of Thai (January-February), beckons devotees into a world of rituals and connection.

🌙 Illuminate Your Path: Thai Amavasai invites families to come together, honoring ancestors with offerings and prayers. Pitru Tarpanam rituals fill the air, forging a timeless connection with heritage.

🌺 Symphony of Devotion: Step into temples adorned with vibrant blooms, where devotees gather to share gratitude and seek blessings. Thai Amavasai is a spiritual symphony echoing through sacred spaces and homes.

🌌 Journey Beyond Time: Embrace a spiritual journey beyond time, where Thai Amavasai offers opportunities for introspection, renewal, and cosmic connection.

Join the Celebration: Thai Amavasai invites you to partake in its sacred dance, whether in temples or the warmth of your home. Engage in rituals, share stories, and let the spirit of Thai Amavasai weave its magic into your life.

Who Should Follow Amavasya Fasting?

  1. Fatherless men should undertake this fast.
  2. Women without a husband should observe this fast.

When is Thai Amavasai (தை அமாவாசை) in 2024?

9 February 2024 – Friday


When is Aadi Amavasai in 2024?

Thai Amavasai 2024 Date, Start Time & End Time

Thai Amavasai Begins – 07:53 AM on February 9, 2024
Thai Amavasai Ends – 04:34 AM on February 10, 2024

What is the Significance of Thai Month & Thai Amavasai?

Thai Month is the 10th month on tamil calendar holds 29 or 30 days. 15 January – 12 February is called as தை (Thai). This month is the harvest month and here the first harvest begins in this month. At this time the pongal festival is celebrated by cooking the first harvest rice. Thai Amavasai is one of the few Amavasya that is extremely important and it is dedicated to dead ancestors –  siblings, parents and other relatives. Thai Amavasya 2023 date is January 21. Special prayers, rituals and offerings are made on the day for departed souls to rest in peace.

People take holy bath in river and pray for their ancestors. Thousands of people take dip at Rameshwaram and visit the Agnitheertham Kadarkarai (sea coast) in the morning to offer pooja to the ancestors. The same day is observed as Mauni Amavasya in North India – many Hindus observe a complete silence on the day. We have listed out Amavasai 2024 date & time in our website.

January 2024 Tamil Calendar

Here is the monthly calendar of January 2024. January to february is considered as Thai month in tamil calendar. If you want to see the daily calendar check out here – January 2024 Calendar

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