Pournami 2024 Date & Time in Tamil Calendar

Searching for the Pournami dates in 2024? Pournami, the auspicious full moon day, is eagerly awaited for worship and Poojas. Dailycalendartamil.com has compiled a comprehensive list of all Pournami dates and timings for your convenience. Explore it now!

What is Pournami and its benefits?

Pournami, also known as Purnima, is the term used to refer to the full moon day in the Hindu lunar calendar. It is considered a significant and auspicious day in Hinduism, and it occurs once every lunar month. The word “Pournami” is derived from the Sanskrit language, where “Purna” means full or complete.

Pournami holds cultural and religious importance in various traditions. Devotees often observe fasting, perform special prayers, and participate in rituals on this day. Many festivals and ceremonies are scheduled around the Pournami day, and it is believed that positive energy is at its peak during the full moon.

Enter the radiant evenings of Pournami in 2024, illuminated by celestial brilliance. Discover the Pournami 2024 dates from January to December, complete with start and end times for each Pournami day. Embrace the enchanting energy and organize your moments for reflection and celebration.

Pournami 2024 Dates List

DateDayStart TimeEnd Time
January 25, 2024ThursdayJan 24, 10:44 PMJan 25,11:56 PM
February 24, 2024SaturdayFeb 23, 4:55 PMFeb 24, 6:51 PM
March 24, 2024SundayMar 24, 11:17 AMMar 25, 1:16 PM
April 23, 2024TuesdayApr 23, 4:21 AMApr 24, 5:54 AM
May 23, 2024ThursdayMay 22, 7:14 PMMay 23, 7:46 PM
June 21, 2024FridayJun 21, 7:45 AMJun 22, 7:19 AM
July 21, 2024SundayJul 20, 6:10 PMJul 21, 4:51 PM
August 19, 2024MondayAug 19, 3:07 AMAug 20, 1:09 AM
September 17, 2024TuesdaySep 17, 11:22 AMSep 18, 9:10 AM
October 17, 2024ThursdayOct 16, 7:56 PMOct 17, 5:25 PM
November 15, 2024FridayNov 15, 3:53 AMNov 16, 3:42 AM
December 15, 2024SundayDec 14, 4:17 PMDec 15, 3:13 PM

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When is Pournami in January 2024?

  • January 2024 Pournami Date: January 25, 2024
  • Start Time: Jan 24, 10:44 PM
  • End Time: Jan 25,11:56 PM
  • Special Significance: Thai Pournami in January 2024 marks the auspicious commencement of the Tamil lunar calendar year. Devotees engage in special prayers and rituals, seeking blessings for a prosperous and harmonious year ahead. The significance of Thai Pournami 2024 sets the tone for new beginnings and positive intentions in the Tamil calendar.

When is Pournami in February 2024?

  • February 2024 Pournami Date: February 24, 2024
  • Start Time: Feb 23, 4:55 PM
  • End Time: Feb 24, 6:51 PM
  • Special Significance: Celebrate the divine transition from winter to spring with Masi Pournami in February 2024. This full moon night, also known as Pournami, is a symbol of renewal and rejuvenation. Devotees engage in prayers to harness the fresh energy, making Masi Pournami 2024 a time for growth and positive transformations in the Tamil calendar.

When is Pournami in March 2024?

  • March 2024 Pournami Date: March 24, 2024
  • Start Time: Mar 24, 11:17 AM
  • End Time: Mar 25, 1:16 PM
  • Special Significance: Embrace the mystical energy of Panguni Pournami in March 2024. As it coincides with the conclusion of the Tamil calendar year, devotees express gratitude for the past and seek blessings for the new year ahead.

When is Pournami in April 2024?

  • April 2024 Pournami Date: April 23, 2024
  • Start Time: Apr 23, 4:21 AM
  • End Time: Apr 24, 5:54 AM
  • Special Significance: Illuminate the night sky with Chithirai Pournami in April 2024. Celebrate this auspicious occasion, ideal for initiating new projects and endeavors. Chithirai Pournami symbolizes positive energy for success and prosperity.

When is Pournami in May 2024?

  • May 2024 Pournami Date: May 23, 2024
  • Start Time: May 22, 7:14 PM
  • End Time: May 23, 7:46 PM
  • Special Significance: Bask in the completeness of Vaikasi Pournami in May 2024. Engage in prayers for inner peace and harmony, reflecting on personal growth and spiritual well-being during this full moon night.

When is Pournami in June 2024?

  • June 2024 Pournami Date: June 21, 2024
  • Start Time: Jun 21, 7:45 AM
  • End Time: Jun 22, 7:19 AM
  • Special Significance: Immerse yourself in the luminosity of Aani Pournami in June 2024. Appreciate the tranquility of this full moon night, using the time for contemplation and meditation, fostering a connection with one’s inner self.

When is Pournami in July 2024?

  • July 2024 Pournami Date: July 21, 2024
  • Start Time: Jul 20, 6:10 PM
  • End Time: Jul 21, 4:51 PM
  • Special Significance: Immerse yourself in the spiritual fervor of Aadi Pournami in July 2024. Engage in special prayers, seeking blessings for health and prosperity. Aadi Pournami is a time for devotion and celebration, embracing the divine energy that permeates this full moon night.

When is Pournami in August 2024?

  • August 2024 Pournami Date: August 19, 2024
  • Start Time: Aug 19, 3:07 AM
  • End Time: Aug 20, 1:09 AM
  • Special Significance: Embrace the tranquil glow of Avani Pournami in August 2024. Devotees use this full moon night for introspection and spiritual practices, inspiring a connection with the divine and a sense of inner peace.

When is Pournami in September 2024?

  • September 2024 Pournami Date: September 17, 2024
  • Start Time: Sep 17, 11:22 AM
  • End Time: Sep 18, 9:10 AM
  • Special Significance: Experience spiritual growth on Purattasi Pournami in September 2024. Engage in special prayers and rituals, seeking the blessings of the divine during this full moon night.

When is Pournami in October 2024?

  • October 2024 Pournami Date: October 17, 2024
  • Start Time: Oct 16, 7:56 PM
  • End Time: Oct 17, 5:25 PM
  • Special Significance: Celebrate the celestial glow of Aippasi Pournami in October 2024. Engage in prayers for prosperity and well-being, appreciating the beauty of life during this full moon night.

When is Pournami in November 2024?

  • November 2024 Pournami Date: November 15, 2024
  • Start Time: Nov 15, 3:53 AM
  • End Time: Nov 16, 3:42 AM
  • Special Significance: Light up the night sky with lamps and prayers on Karthigai Pournami in November 2024. This divine occasion symbolizes the triumph of light over darkness, inspiring spiritual awakening and joy.

When is Pournami in December 2024?

  • December 2024 Pournami Date: December 15, 2024
  • Start Time: Dec 14, 4:17 PM
  • End Time: Dec 15, 3:13 PM
  • Special Significance: Embrace the tranquility of Margazhi Pournami in December 2024. Devotees engage in prayers and reflections, fostering a connection with one’s spiritual essence and a sense of inner calm during this full moon night.

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What is Amavasai?

The lunar phase of no moon in Sanskrit is called Amavasai. The dark moon tithi is when the moon is at 12 degrees angular angulation between sun and moon conjugation. That is why the moon is invisible on this day at night. It is believed that black magic, evil spirits or spirits are more powerful than positive power. Consequently there are many reports of death in unacceptable manner that have occurred and recorded as complaints in many regions. So, people who are weaker get affected more commonly than strong people. 

Pournami Dates in This Month

Tamil daily calendar is the one which is referred by most of the tamil people in the world. Daily calendar tamil contains lots of information. We can say people use to see today tamil daily calendar on daily basis. It is the most essential part tamil people culture who have originated in the tamil land. Pournami in April 2024 called as Chitra pournami, Pournami in July 2024 called as Guru pournami. Pournami in August 2024 called ads Rakhi Pournami or jandhyala pournami, pournami in June 2024 called as erukava pournami, Aadi month pournmai is the special pournami out of all. All months pournami dates are available here.


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