Amavasai 2023 Date & Time | அமாவாசை 2023

Looking for Amavasai 2023 dates? You landed in a right place. Amavasai usually falls on every month based on the moon position. Everyone will be looking for Amavasai dates to worship forefathers and performing Poojas for them. listed out all the 2023 amavasai dates and time for your reference.

What is Amavasai?

Amavasai in tamil it is written as அமாவாசை, ‘Amavasya’ is a Sanskrit word. Amavasai is refer as no moon day as per Indian calendar. Usually, amavasai is an inauspicious day. During amavasaya moon is invisible and it is believed that black magic and evil spirits are spread over. So, most of the auspicious things will not occur in this day. Amavasya that is extremely important and it is dedicated to dead ancestors –  siblings, parents and other relatives. Special prayers, rituals and offerings are made on the day for departed souls to rest in peace.

Amavasai is a time for remembering the ancestors of the family and worshipping them. There is a belief that our ancestors visit earth to meet their descendants and their children. Mentally imbalanced people feel weaker during amavasai. According to the astrological perspective, evil spirits and the effects of black magic are very powerful on amavasai. On the day of Amavasai moon and son come together in the same zodiac sign. The sun represents the soul, and the moon represents the mind. This situation creates uneasiness in the mind and physical body. This day is believed to be more auspicious for praying to the ancestors and fighting evil.

Astronomical phenomenon of Amavasai

Our ancestors done astronomical research 1000 years before itself. Planets were mentioned long before modern science explained them. According to astronomical calculations, the period when the Sun and the Moon come together in the same sign is called Amavasai. Sun is referred to as ‘Bithir Karagan’ and Moon as ‘Mathur Karagan’. That is why Sun is referred as Father and Moon is referred as Mother.

Things to do on Amavasai Day

It is necessary to take bath early in the morning on the day of Amavasi, then worship the lord in the temple and offer pithur darpanam. Then giving food is an important activity on this day. Offering darpanam to the ancestors on this auspicious day can get the blessings of the ancestors. Amavasai is special day to pray for our ancestors. During amavasai one should worship their ancestor on that special day to get there blessings.

Who Should Follow Amavasya Fasting?

  1. Fatherless men should undertake this fast.
  2. Women without a husband should observe this fast.

Amavasai 2023: Dates and Timings

DateDayStart TimeEnd Time
January 21, 2023SaturdayJan 21, 4:25 AMJan 22, 3:20 AM
February 20, 2023MondayFeb 19, 4:04 PMFeb 20, 1:47 PM
March 21, 2023TuesdayMar 21, 1:54 AM
Mar 22, 12:01 AM
April 19, 2023WednesdayApr 19, 11:44 AMApr 20, 10:28 AM
May 19, 2023FridayMay 18, 10:09 PMMay 19, 9:47 PM
June 17, 2023SaturdayJun 17, 9:49 AMJun 18, 10:24 AM
July 17, 2023MondayJul 16, 11:05 PMJul 18, 12:30 AM
August 16, 2023WednesdayAug 15, 1:55 PMAug 16, 3:50 PM
September 14, 2023ThursdaySep 14, 6:00 AMSep 15, 7:51 AM
October 14, 2023SaturdayOct 13, 10:41 PMOct 14, 11:57 PM
November 13, 2023MondayNov 12, 3:10 PMNov 13, 3:30 PM
December 12, 2023TuesdayDec 12, 6:23 AMDec 13, 5:49 AM
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Amavasai in January 2023

Thai Amavasya 2023 date is January 21, 2023. Amavasai falls in January is called as Thai Amavasai in tamil calendar, The same day is observed as Mauni Amavasya in North India. January 2023 Thai Amavasai begins at Jan 21, 4:25 AM and will remain till Jan 22, 3:20 AM


Amavasai in February 2023

February 2023 amavasai date is February 20, 2023. Amavasai falls in February is called as Mauni Amavasai. February 2023 Mauni Amavasai begins at Feb 19, 4:04 PM and will remain till Feb 20, 1:47 PM


Amavasai in March 2023

March 2023 amavasai date is March 21, 2023. Amavasai falls in March is called as Sarva Amavasai. March 2023 Sarva Amavasai begins at Mar 21, 1:54 AM
 and will remain till Mar 22, 12:01 AM


Amavasai in April 2023

April 2023 amavasai date is April 19, 2023. Amavasai falls in April is called as Sarva Amavasai in tamil calendar. April 2023 Sarva Amavasai begins at Apr 19, 11:44 AM and will remain till Apr 20, 10:28 AM


Amavasai in May 2023

May 2023 amavasai date is May 19, 2023. Amavasai falls in May is called as Sarva Amavasai. May 2023 Sarva Amavasai begins at May 18, 10:09 PM and will remain till May 19, 9:47 PM


Amavasai in June 2023

June 2023 amavasai date is June 17, 2023. Amavasai falls in June is called as Sarva Amavasai. June 2023 Sarva Amavasai begins at Jun 17, 9:49 AM and will remain till Jun 18, 10:24 AM


Amavasai in July 2023

July 2023 amavasai date is July 17, 2023. Amavasai falls in July is called as Sarva Amavasai. July 2023 Sarva Amavasai begins at Jul 16, 11:05 PM and will remain till Jul 18, 12:30 AM


Amavasai in August 2023

August 2023 amavasai date is August 16, 2023. Amavasai falls in August is called as Aadi Amavasai. August 2023 Aadi Amavasai begins at Aug 15, 1:55 PM and will remain till Aug 16, 3:50 PM


Amavasai in September 2023

September 2023 amavasai date is September 14, 2023. Amavasai falls in September is called as Sarva Amavasai. September 2023 Sarva Amavasai begins at Sep 14, 6:00 AM and will remain till Sep 15, 7:51 AM


Amavasai in October 2023

October 2023 amavasai date is October 14, 2023. Amavasai falls in October is called as Mahalya Amavasai. October 2023 Mahalaya Amavasai begins at Oct 13, 10:41 PM and will remain till Oct 14, 11:57 PM


Amavasai in November 2023

November 2023 amavasai date is November 13, 2023. Amavasai falls in November is called as Sarva Amavasai. November 2023 Sarva Amavasai begins at Nov 12, 3:10 PM and will remain till Nov 13, 3:30 PM


Amavasai in December 2023

December 2023 amavasai date is December 12, 2023. Amavasai falls in December is called as Sarva Amavasai. December 2023 Sarva Amavasai begins at Dec 12, 6:23 AM and will remain till Dec 13, 5:49 AM


Which is the most important Amavasai?

Aadi Amavasai(ஆடி அமாவாசை) , Mahalaya Amavasai (மஹாளய அமாவாசை) and Thai Amavasai (தை அமாவாசை) are the three important amavasai

  • Aadi Amavasai – The ancestors come from Pithru Logam(பிதுர் லோகம்) to Poolokam (பூலோகம்) to see how their dynasty and generation are doing.
  • Pithru reach earth on Mahalaya Amavasai
  • Thai Amavasai – It is believed that on the day of Thai Amavasi, our Pitrus go back to Pithru Logam(பிதுர் லோகம்)

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