Muhurtham Dates 2024 – தமிழ் முகூர்த்த நாட்கள்

Are you looking for muhurtham dates in 2024? you landed in a right place. Explore tamil muhurtham dates in 2024 according to tamil panchangam.

You can find tamil muhurtham dates for each month starting from January 2024 to December 2024 , along with muhurtham dates 2024 we have listed out natchathiram and also differentiated whether its valarpirai muhurtham or theipirai muhurtham.

Tamil Muhurtham Dates in January 2024

Muhurtham DateDayPiraiNatchathiram
January 3
மார்கழி 18
WednesdayTheipirai MuhurthamUthiram
January 8
மார்கழி 23
MondayTheipirai MuhurthamAnusham
January 21
தை 7
SundayValarpirai MuhurthamRohini
January 22
தை 8
MondayValarpirai MuhurthamMirugasirisham

Tamil Muhurtham Dates in February 2024

Suba Muhurtham DateDayTypeNatchathiram
February 1
தை 7
ThursdayTheipirai MuhurthamChithirai
February 2
தை 7
FridayTheipirai MuhurthamSwaathi
February 8
தை 25
ThursdayTheipirai MuhurthamUthiraadam
February 11
தை 28
SundayValarpirai MuhurthamSadayam
February 15
மாசி 3
ThursdayValarpirai MuhurthamAswini
February 19
மாசி 7
MondayValarpirai MuhurthamMirugasirisham
February 21
மாசி 9
WednesdayValarpirai MuhurthamPunarpoosam
February 22
மாசி 10
ThursdayValarpirai MuhurthamPoosam
February 26
மாசி 14
MondayTheipirai MuhurthamUthiram

Tamil Muhurtham Dates in March 2024

Suba Muhurtham DateDayTypeNatchathiram
March 1
மாசி 18
FridayTheipirai MuhurthamSwaathi
March 7
மாசி 24
ThursdayTheipirai MuhurthamUthiraadam
March 8
மாசி 25
FridayTheipirai MuhurthamAvittam
March 20
பங்குனி 7
WednesdayValarpirai MuhurthamPoosam
March 27
பங்குனி 14
WednesdayTheipirai MuhurthamChithirai

Tamil Muhurtham Dates in April 2024

Suba Muhurtham DateDayTypeNatchathiram
April 4
பங்குனி 22
ThursdayTheipirai MuhurthamThiruvonam
April 5
பங்குனி 23
FridayTheipirai MuhurthamAvittam

Which Thithi is Best for Wedding?

  • Valarpirai Thuvithiyai (வளர்பிறை துவிதியை)
  • Thiruthiyai (திருதியை)
  • Panchami (பஞ்சமி)
  • Saptami (ஸப்தமி)
  • Ekadashi (ஏகாதசி)
  • Trayodashi (திரயோதசி)
  • Theripirai Thuvithiyai (தேய்பிறை துவிதிய)
  • Thiruthiyai (திருதியை)
  • Panchami (பஞ்சமி )

Which Day is Best for Marriage?

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Sunday

Which Lagnam is good for wedding?

Rishabam, Mithunam, Kadagam, Simmam, Kanni, Thulam, Dhanusu, Kumbam, Meenam

Which Nakshathiram is good for wedding?

Rohini, Mirugasirisham, Magam, Uthiram, Hastham, Swaathi, Anusham, Moolam, Uthiraadam, Thiruvonam, Uthirattathi & Revathi

What is Tamil Muhurtham Date or Wedding Dates?

Muhurtham date is a day that has good muhurtham time. Muhurtham time is nothing but an auspicious time. This auspicious time is considered before a good event like marriage, naming ceremonies, Griha pravesham, starting a new work, or buying a new vehicle. This day is calculated based on Hindu Vedic Astrology and is very important to avoid the darkness present at the event.

Before the start of an event, the Muhurtham time is determined by the priest who will perform the ritual. A muhurtham equals 48 minutes. A person who wants the events to be completed without trouble always uses the muhurtham time. Brahma Muhurtham is considered one of the most auspicious times, and the events that occurred during this time were also successful. It is believed that during Brahma Muhurtham Sun, God spreads his light across the world and provides immense energy to the people.

Rahu Kalam and Yamagandam Kalam are considered the death time. Rahu kalam and Kethu are considered inauspicious times as they are capable of causing solar eclipses by eating the sun. The duration of the Rahul Kalam is a day is 90 minutes. It is also believed that work done in Yamagandam kalam invites death. Gulika Kalam is considered the blossoming time. This period is filled with positivity, and you also get good and positive results from your work.

Abhijeet muhurtham is considered the victorious muhurtham. Works done in the Abhijeet muhurtham always end up with a victory. If Abhijeet muhurtham happens during Shukla Paksha, it becomes more auspicious and powerful. The duration of Abhijeet Muhurtam is around 48 minutes. This muhurtham has special blessings from lord Vishnu.

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