Ekadashi 2024 Date List in Tamil Calendar

Ekadashi is the 11th lunar day in the two lunar phases. That is between the astrological calendar months Shukla paksha and Krishna paksha phase. This is special for Lord Vishnu. Explore Ekadashi 2024 Date list by month.

Ekadhasi 2024 Dates List

January 2024January 7Monday
January 2024January 21Wednesday
February 2024February 6Tuesday
February 2024February 20Tuesday
March 2024March 6Wednesday
March 2024March 20Wednesday
April 2024April 5Friday
April 2024April 19Friday
May 2024May 4Saturday
May 2024May 19Sunday
June 2024June 2Sunday
June 2024June18Tuesday
July 2024July 2Tuesday
July 2024July 17Wednesday
July 2024July 31Wednesday
August 2024August 16Friday
August 2024August 29Thursday
September 2024September 14Saturday
September 2024September 28Saturday
October 2024October 13Sunday
October 2024October 28Monday
November 2024November 12Tuesday
November 2024November 26Tuesday
December 2024December 11Wednesday
December 2024December 26Thursday

Ekadashi is special day for Lord Vishnu. As the devotee wishes for moksha and ishvara. Ekadashi 2024 falls on every month. You can find the ekadashi January 2024 dates, ekadashi February 2024 dates, ekadashi March 2024 dates, ekadashi April 2024 dates, ekadashi May 2024 dates, ekadashi June 2024 dates, ekadashi July 2024 dates, ekadashi August 2024 dates, ekadashi September 2024 dates, ekadashi October 2024 dates, ekadashi November 2024 dates, ekadashi December 2024 dates.

What is Ekadashi?

Ekadashi is a significant day in the Hindu lunar calendar that falls on the 11th day of each of the two lunar phases in a month. These two phases are known as the “shukla paksha” (waxing moon) and the “krishna paksha” (waning moon). In total, there are 24 Ekadashi days in a year, occurring roughly twice a month.

Ekadashi is considered a spiritually significant day for Hindus and is observed as a day of fasting, prayer, and spiritual reflection. Devotees abstain from consuming grains, beans, and certain vegetables during the Ekadashi fast. The fast is often broken the next day after sunrise.

The specific customs and practices associated with Ekadashi can vary based on regional and family traditions. On this day, devotees engage in various acts of worship, read scriptures, meditate, and offer prayers to deities. Many temples conduct special ceremonies and pujas (rituals) on Ekadashi to honor the occasion.

The reason behind observing Ekadashi is multifaceted. Some believe that it is a way to cleanse the body and mind, while others see it as an opportunity to cultivate self-discipline and focus on their spiritual journey. The stories and legends associated with various Ekadashi days are also an integral part of the observance.

It’s important to note that practices and beliefs can vary widely within Hinduism, and while Ekadashi is a significant observance for many Hindus, not all Hindus may choose to observe it in the same way or with the same level of strictness.

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