Nalla Neram Today & Gowri Nalla Neram in Tamil Calendar 2023

Today’s Date is September 29, 2023 Are you looking for nalla neram today as per tamil calendar 2023? Then you landed in a right place. Refer below tamil calendar to view complete information about today nalla neram in tamil, gowri panchangam time, rahu kalam, yemagandam and more details.

You can use the drop down to see nalla neram for any day. This is predicted based on tamil hindu panchangam. Scroll down below to view the auspicious days, muhurtham dates, holidays and more.

Today’s Nalla Neram and Gowri Nalla Neram – September 29, 2023

Today’s Tamil Calendar – September 29, 2023

Points to Consider while checking Nalla Neram (நல்ல நேரம்) and Nalla Naal (நல்ல நாள்)

  • Make sure that particular day should not be Kari Naal. Check this page to see kari naal dates in 2023,
  • Avoid Ashtami & Navami Thithi
  • Make sure that particular day is not Maranayogam and it has to be SiddhaYogam or AmirthaYogam
  • Oorai time should not be Suriyan, Sevvai, Sanigraharai
  • According to Gowri Panchangam Rogam, Sooram, Visam should not be there
  • Ragu Kalam and Yemagandam Time should not be considered
  • If you are doing any auspicious things or function make sure that particular day is not Santhirastamam
  • When you are going for any special day or function make sure you are going in North side or East Side
  • Everyday morning get blessings from sun, mom & dad
  • Before starting any good things make sure you pray your Kulatheivam First.
  • Its good to worship your ancestors first before starting any auspicious things.

What is Nalla Neram?

Nalla Neram is an auspicious time. Nalla neram is an extensive observation most people follow around the world. The meaning of the word Nalla Neram is a good time or the perfect time to start something new. You can observe Nalla Neram every day, but its effects are on rare occasions.

Finding an occasion with Nalla Naal is a rare occurrence. Nalla Naal means good day. Generally, generally, this is when all the planets align together, which helps you achieve things successfully. The times like Rahu Kalam, yamagandam, and Gulika Kalam are ruled by Saturn, which works in good and bad ways. It is believed that the work done in Nalla Naal is always successful.

Nalla in tamil means good and neram in tamil is time. It is ‘good time time or auspicious or favourable time’. Like in all other subcontinents of India here also they follow the nalla neram to begin any feest or function. Also they think that this is one among the deciding factors of a good future. So irrespective of caste or creed they follow this time intimation as given in panchangam. Please check the above calendar to see the today nalla neram in the above image. Everyone will be checking tamil daily calendar to see today’s nalla neram.

This is written in tamil calendar as a separate heading or ‘jyothish’ specialist intimate the time when it is to the family who are concerned about the future with their horoscope. These specialists are very clever in understanding the movements of the stars and moon. It is not only for a new beginning but also to do something important such as signing any important papers or moving a step ahead in life, etc. This nalla neram is followed and its mentioned in tamil daily calendar. Most prominent thing is the shifting of a house, work joining date, first rice giving time for a kid which is said as Annaprasana, etc are few instances when they consider this.

This is the time when all celestial forces work together according to you. They act as an additional support for you.

Why Are We Following Nalla Neram?

Tamil people follow Nalla Neram and Gowri Panchangam to start something new. The Tamil Gowri Panchangam explain to us the auspicious time to start a new work and avoid unfavorable time. The calendar design is very easy, and one can easily understand the Nalla Neram timings.

The Gowri panchangam, followed by the Tamil people, is divided into two parts Day Gowri Panchangam and Night Gowri Panchangam. The day Gowri Panchangam explains the time between sunset and sunrise. The night Gowri Panchangam explains the time between dusk and the next dawn.

This helps us identify the auspicious time during the day and night time. The Gowri Panchangam helps us in avoiding bad times that may cause problems in the work that we are doing.

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