Today’s Gold Rate in Lalitha Jewellery

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Today 22 Carat & 24 Carat Gold Price Per Gram in Lalitha Jewellery (INR) – January 28, 2023

Gram22 Carat Gold Today24 Carat Gold Today
1 Gram₹5295₹5657
8 Gram₹45360₹45256
10 Gram₹52950₹56570
100 Gram₹529500₹565700

Gold Price in Lalitha Jewellery for Last 10 Days

DateStandard Gold (22 K)Pure Gold (24 K)
# of Grams1
1 Sovereign
(8 Gram)
1 Sovereign
(8 Gram)
18 January 2023₹5295₹42360₹5657₹45256
17 January 2023₹5305₹42440₹5667₹45336
16 January 2023₹5317₹42536₹5679₹45432
15 January 2023₹5296₹42368₹5658₹45264
14 January 2023₹5296₹42368₹5658₹45264
13 January 2023₹5250₹42000₹5612₹44896
12 January 2023₹5236₹41888₹5598₹44784
11 January 2023₹5230₹41840₹5592₹44736
10 January 2023₹5237₹41896₹5599₹44792
9 January 2023₹5260₹42080₹5622₹44976
8 January 2023₹5221₹41768₹5583₹44664
7 January 2023₹5221₹41768₹5583₹44664

The Decision of Gold Rate in Chennai

The gold rate in Chennai is principally decided based on changes in US dollars rates. Furthermore, it also varies with the change in the cost of import, interest rates fixed by banks, and many other criteria. Also, the price of gold in Chennai depends on the rates of gold in other cities. Today gold rate in chennai (January 28, 2023) might not be the same as yesterday or will be the same tomorrow. Even it can change in the hour of a day.

Calculation of Daily Gold rate in GRT Jewellery Showrooms in Chennai

People who buy gold as jewellery do not pay the same price across the nation. Today gold rate in Chennai differs from today gold rate in any other city of India because there is a difference in transportation cost or different jewellery associations. In India, jewellery and bullion associations regulate gold prices twice a day. It is calculated by taking international gold rates at the time of calculation and adding incurred costs that cause the variation of the live gold rate in Chennai or other cities.

Gold Rate, Silver Rate, and Platinum Rate

The Gold Rate in Chennai of any other city of India is determined by various factors discussed in the above paragraph. The rate of gold also depends on the quality of gold that a consumer purchases. The pure or 24-carat gold rate is slightly more than the price of standard 22-carat gold. And when it comes to jewellery, the total price is added with GST and making charges. So, the gold rate depends on what you are buying and when.

The silver rate in chennai is not much as the gold rate, but silver is also considered an auspicious and precious metal in India. It is a dynamic and precious metal, and like gold, silver rates are also determined by various factors such as selling, buying, demand, but the rates do not fluctuate like gold.

The platinum rate in chennai is very high as it is a rare metal. It is also a precious and exclusive metal compared to gold and silver. That is why platinum is considered and associated with wealth and has a fluctuating price like gold.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Gold is a precious yellow metal used to make jewellery, coins, and many electronic components. In India, it is seen as a very promising metal found in pure or standard form. As gold is very precious and guarantees the value of currencies, it is an excellent source of investment.

916 KDM gold is commonly known as standard or 22-carat gold. The term 916 KDM defines the purity of gold that means if you take 100 grams of 916 gold or standard gold, there would be 91.6 grams of pure gold, and the remaining is the other metal like silver, zinc, or copper. This gold is mostly used to make jewellery in India.

The main difference between 24 carats and 22-carat gold is purity. 24-carat gold has all 24 parts of pure gold; on the other side, 22-carat gold has 22 parts of pure gold and two parts of other metals like silver, copper, etc. 24-carat gold has almost 99.9% gold, whereas 22-carat gold has only 91.6% gold.

As of January 28, 2023, the price of gold today for 24 karats and 22 karat is displayed in above table. One can also find the latest gold price trends from the above table that contains gold rates of 1 gram and 8-gram gold.

In India, gold is considered an excellent way of investment. People in India usually invest in gold jewellery, gold bars, or coins. But one can invest in gold bullions, gold exchange-traded funds and gold mutual funds. All the investment source has their pros and cons.

As per the gold price forecast for the next six months, it is predicted that there will be a gradual increase in gold rates in the coming 2022. In the next six months, the average price of 24-carat gold may reach 49,415 INR per 10 grams.

The decision taken by Union Finance Minister to cut the custom duty on gold from 12 per cent to 7 per cent has reduced the price of gold. Another reason for price falling in gold is due to investors’ preference towards risky assets like stocks.

There are many ways to buy sovereign gold bonds. One can buy a gold bond at a post office, bank, stock market, stock holding corporation or online by enrolling net banking interface.

Gold is a precious metal found on the earth’s surface in pure form; it is not produced using any other elements. Gold is taken from mines in dust and then cleaned to separate the precious metal.

Typically, white gold is one of the alloys of pure yellow gold. It simply means that white gold is made of pure yellow gold mixed with other white or silvery metals like palladium, silver, nickel, zinc, etc.

Similarly, like white gold, black gold is also an alloy of pure or natural gold with a yellow colour. Black gold is made by mixing metals like cobalt in yellow gold normally with a ratio of 3:1 where three parts of gold are taken, and one part of cobalt is mixed.

There are 8 grams of gold in 1 Sovereign Gold. The weight of 1 Sovereign Gold is around 7.98 grams so, if you calculate Sovereign Gold rates, you are calculating rates of 8 grams of gold.

The 10 grams of gold is also known as one tola gold used to measure India’s gold rate from ancient times.

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