Vastu Dates in 2024 & Bhoomi Poojai Dates

Vastu dates are specific days that are considered auspicious for performing Vastu-related activities. Vastu dates are chosen based on astrological considerations and are believed to enhance positive energy and bring prosperity to a home or building.

These Vastu dates are determined by considering factors such as the position of the moon, the alignment of celestial bodies, and other astrological parameters. Vastu dates are particularly significant when starting construction, moving into a new home, or performing Vastu-related rituals for an existing property.

While Vastu dates can vary from year to year and are specific to individual horoscopes, they generally fall on certain days that are considered propitious in the Tamil calendar. If you are looking for bhoomi poojai dates for a specific purpose then you landed in a right place.

We have listed out Vastu dates in 2024 as per tamil panchangam or tamil calendar 2024. Choose the best வாஸ்து நாள் for your bhoomi poojai or bhoomi pujai, house warming and enjoy the function.

Vastu Dates in January 2024

DateTamil Calendar DatesDayTime
January 26தை 12Friday10.41 AM to 11.17 AM

Vastu Dates in February 2024

DateTamil Calendar DatesDayTime

Vastu Dates in March 2024

DateTamil Calendar DatesDayTime
March 5மாசி 22Tuesday10.32 AM to 11.08 AM

Vastu Dates in April 2024

DateTamil Calendar DatesDayTime
April 23சித்திரை 10Tuesday8.54 AM to 9.30 AM

Vastu Dates in May 2024

DateTamil Calendar DatesDayTime

Vastu Dates in June 2024

DateTamil Calendar DatesDayTime
June 4வைகாசி 22Tuesday9.58 AM to 10.34 AM

Vastu Dates in July 2024

DateTamil Calendar DatesDayTime
July 27ஆடி 11Saturday7.44 AM to 8.20 AM

Vastu Dates in August 2024

DateTamil Calendar DatesDayTime
August 22ஆவணி 6Thursday7.23 AM to 7.59 AM

Vastu Dates in September 2024

DateTamil Calendar DatesDayTime

Vastu Dates in October 2024

DateTamil Calendar DatesDayTime
October 27ஐப்பசி 10Sunday7.44 AM to 8.20 AM

Vastu Dates in November 2024

DateTamil Calendar DatesDayTime
November 23கார்த்திகை 8Saturday11.29 AM to 12.05 PM

Vastu Dates in December 2024

DateTamil Calendar DatesDayTime

Vastu day is the most auspicious day to perform Vastu Puja. On this day it is very special to buy new land, to build a new house. Poverty will be removed by removing the negative forces in the house if the house is surrounded by greed. Refer the above table and choose the best vastu day in 2021 for your special occasion like bhoomi pooja, house warming and more

What and why tamil panchangam?

Tamil panchangam is the specific calendar that shows the 5 major astrological attributes such as nakshatram, tithi, varam, yogam and karanam with its time duration. This is to indicate the timings that are suitable for the beginning of any work, marriage, vastu, muhurtham, rahu kalam, Janma palan, dosham, arista, vasthu, etc. the Hindus use panchangam. Most of the people who see panchangam are well-versed with astrology. 

For instance, when there are several problems in the family then this panchangam gives accurate details of what and when the pariharam. Also, when a family is going to start a function or marriage then they see panchangam for the best time to start their travel. 

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