Karthika Masam 2021 – Tamil & Telegu Calendar

Karthika masam starts on 17 November 2021 and ends on 15 December 2021 as per Tamil & Telegu Calendar. You can check out karthika masam 2021 calendar here:

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When is Karthigai Deepam in 2021?

Karthigai Deepam is on November 19, 2021Friday

Karthigai deepam is a festival of lights and is also a story of 7 stars. This karthigai deepam is also celebrated in some of the neighbouring States such as kerala, andhra and karnataka at the same time. As the lamps are lighted the darkness in the house disappears and is celebrated grand in murugan temples. November 19th 2021 is Karthigai Deepam in 2021

What is special about Karthika Masam?

This entire month is consider as most auspicisuos month and everyone will workhip lord shiva and vishu. Karthika masam is very special for people who worship lord muruga as well.

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