Tamil Calendar September 2021

Are you looking for all daily sheet of Tamil calendar September 2021? You can find the complete daily sheet of September 2021 Tamil calendar with all auspicious dates in September like muhurtham dates, festivals, amavasai, pournami, pradosham and more.

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Monthly Calendar September 2021

Daily Calendar September 2021

1-September -2021
2-September -2021
3-September -2021
4-September -2021
5-September -2021
6-September -2021
7-September -2021
8-September -2021
9-September -2021
10-September -2021
11-September -2021
12-September -2021
13-September -2021
14-September -2021
15-September -2021
16-September -2021
17-September -2021
18-September -2021
19-September -2021
20-September -2021
21-September -2021
22-September -2021
23-September -2021
24-September -2021
25-September -2021
26-September -2021
27-September -2021
28-September -2021
29-September -2021
30-September -2021

Important Days in September 2021

Auspicious DaysDate
6 Monday
20 Monday
25 Saturday
4 Saturday
18 Saturday
Sashti Viradham
சஷ்டி விரதம்
12 Sunday
10 Friday
Sankatahara Chathurthi
சங்கடஹர சதுர்த்தி
24 Friday
2 Thursday
3 Friday
17 Friday
Maadha Sivarathiri
மாத சிவராத்திரி
5 Sunday
17 Friday

Valarpirai Muhurtham Dates in September 2021

DateTamil Calendar DateDay
September 8ஆவணி 23Wednesday
September 9ஆவணி 24Thursday
September 10ஆவணி 25Friday

Theipirai Muhurtham Dates in September 2021

DateTamil Calendar DateDay
September 1ஆவணி 16Wednesday
September 3ஆவணி 18Friday

Vastu Dates in September 2021

DateTamil Calendar DateDayTime

Public Holidays in September 2021

DateDayPublic Holidays
September 10 FridayVinayakar Chathurthi

Kari Naal in September 2021

September 13Monday

Warm welcome from www.dailycalendartamil.com. If you are looking for Tamil calendar September 2021, then you landed in a right place. This website is completely dedicated to Tamil people. You can find complete information about the auspicious days in tamil calendar September 2021. Amavasai, Pournam, Karthigai, Pradosham, Sashti Viradham, Chathurthi, Sankatahara Chathurthi, Ekadhasi, Maadha Sivarathiri & Thiruvonam. We have also covered valarpirai muhurtham dates, theipirai muhurtham dates, vastu days, public holidays and kari naal falls in tamil calendar september 2021.

What Tamil Month is September?

As per tamil month calendar 17 August – 16 September called as ஆவணி and 17 September – 16 October called as புரட்டாசி

Aavani – ஆவணி

This is an auspicious month for tamil orthodox people as they avani avittam in this month. During this occasion the men of the family or young boy above 5 years chant gayatri mantra for 1001 times. This has 31 days in the month. An important point is that during this month the newly married couple are not allowed to sleep together as the girl gets conceived during this month then the delivery will be in the month of May and it is the hottest month next to agni natchathiram. So, they made it a tradition and followed it for many generations. Aavani is the 5th month on tamil calendar.

Purattasi – புரட்டாசி

This month is celebrated by non-vegetarians mostly. They do not eat meat, fish, egg, etc like Muslims who celebrate during Ramadan festival. Every Saturday of this month is a day to adore planet saturn. Purattasi is the 6th month on tamil calendar.

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