Shivaratri 2022 Dates in Tamil Calendar

The day when Lord shiva is worshipped and also considered very important. This event is the significance of Lord shiva’s dance and is celebrated all throughout the night. In simple terms it means ‘ the Great Night of Shiva’. The whole night people stay awake and pray to Lord shiva and early morning they visit the temple for Darshan.  Following this they make some sweets and food and do nivedyam, then eat their midday meal. 

Sivarathiri 2022 Date

January 1Saturday
January 30Sunday
March 1Tuesday
March 30Wednesday
April 29Friday
May 28Saturday
June 27Monday
July 26Tuesday
August 25Thursday
September 24Saturday
October 23Sunday
November 22Tuesday
December 21Wednesday

Auspicious Days in 2022

Amavasai 2022 Pournami 2022 Karthigai 2022 Pradosham 2022 Sashti Viradham 2022 Chathurthi 2022 Sankatahara Chathurthi 2022 Ekadhasi 2022
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