Masi Magam 2022 Date, Time & Significance – Tamil Calendar

Masi Magam is also called as Maasi Makam (மாசி மகம் 2022) – festival celebrated in Tamil Nadu and Kerala and almost all over the tamil people in the world.

What is Masi Magam?

Masi Magam is a special day celebrated on the Magam Nakshatra which coincides with the full moon of the month of Masi. The day is also celebrated as a sea festival.

What is the date of Masi Magam in 2022 Tamil calendar?

Masi Magam 2022 Date & Time – Festival of Masi Magam will be celebrated on February 17th 2022. Magam Nakshathram begins at 04:14 PM on February 16th and Ends at 05:12 PM on February 17th.

Masi Magam 2022 Tamil Calendar

You can check out below image to see the masi magam 2022 date as per tamil calendar. This will give you an idea of when is masi magam and its date and time.


What is Special on மாசி மகம்?

The soul that falls into the ocean of birth and sinks in the ocean of misery will be immersed in the bliss of the ocean of bliss of the Lord. Those who are unable to settle will go to the temple after fasting and celebrate this day. In Tamil Nadu, the Masimakath Festival (Mahamagam) is held once in 12 years at the Kumbeswarar Temple in Kumbakonam.

February 2022 Calendar

Do you want to see the Masi Month tamil calendar? Check out the below image to see february 2022 tamil calendar.

Hope you now got answers for all your questions about masi magam date and time. Do you want to view the complete daily sheet of 2022 tamil calendar then check out this link Tamil Calendar 2022

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