Kari Naal Dates in 2021

Kari Naal (கரிநாள்) is not best day to do good things because in Kari Naal our body organs will be affected if we go in the sun too much on that day as the sun’s radiation will be slightly higher on the days. Damage to the organs, the nature of its function and the state of mind will be affected. On these days it is best that we do not do good things and not go out in the sun.

Kari Naal in January 2021

January 14Thursday
January 15Friday
January 16Saturday
January 24Sunday
January 30Saturday

Kari Naal in February 2021

February 27Saturday
February 28Sunday

Kari Naal in March 2021

March 1Monday
March 19Friday
March 28Sunday

Kari Naal in April 2021

April 1Thursday
April 19Monday
April 28Wednesday

Kari Naal in May 2021

May 21Friday
May 30Sunday
May 31Monday

Kari Naal in June 2021

June 15Tuesday
June 20Sunday

Kari Naal in July 2021

July 18Sunday
July 20Monday

Kari Naal in August 2021

August 5Thursday
August 18Wednesday

Kari Naal in September 2021

September 13Monday

Kari Naal in October 2021

October 15Friday
October 23Saturday

Kari Naal in November 2021

November 6Saturday
November 17Wednesday
November 22Monday
November 26Friday

Kari Naal in December 2021

December 3Friday
December 21Tuesday
December 24Friday
December 26Sunday

Kari Naal (கரிநாள்) is the day on which it is referred to, and it is slightly more exposed to the sun than normal. Because of this it is scientifically stated that on Kari Naal it is better to avoid going in the sun as much as it is to go and work in the sun on normal days.

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